Virginia Agriculture 2020

In partnership with?the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

As the state’s slogan says, Virginia is for lovers – including lovers of the land. Agriculture is the top industry in the state, providing more than 442,000 jobs and $91 billion to the economy annually. Virginia has nearly 43,225 farms spreading across 7.7 million acres of land. The average farm measures about 180 acres in size and Virginia farmers grow and raise a range of commodities.

Livestock dominates Virginia’s top commodities with broilers, cattle and calves, and turkeys ranking in the top five. Other key products include milk, soybeans, greenhouse and nursery products, corn for grain, hay, and wheat. The state is a leader in produce as well, with crops ranging from tomatoes to apples and grapes to potatoes. Its forestry sector also plays a large role in the overall industry. The state produces both hardwood and softwood timber as well as Christmas trees.

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Read the Virginia Agriculture 2020 Magazine

Read the Virginia Agriculture 2020 Magazine

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