Tennessee Agriculture 2020

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Tennessee’s agriculture industry sustains the life of the state, providing food, fuel and fiber for its citizens along with the rest of the world. The state is home to 68,050 farms encompassing 10.8 million acres, with average farm size ringing in at 160 acres.

The state’s top commodities include cattle and calves, broilers, cotton, hay, tobacco, wheat, fresh tomatoes, meat goats and many more. Those contributions may be apparent, but agriculture is also responsible for many more that aren’t as easily seen. For example, Tennessee agriculture and forestry provide more than 363,500 jobs for Tennesseans, boosting the economy with an annual impact of $71.4 billion. That’s 10.3% of the state’s workforce. Along with crops and commodities, the state’s agribusiness sector is booming, with brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Bush’s Beans and MoonPies calling Tennessee home. Tennessee agriculture also encompasses education, agritourism, technology, research, conservation practices and much, much more.

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Tennessee Ag Insider 2020

Tennessee Ag Insider 2020

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