North Carolina Agriculture 2020

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North Carolina’s booming agriculture industry is as varied as the state’s geography. From the towering Appalachian Mountains to the Coastal Plain, North Carolina’s climate and landscapes allow for a bounty of agricultural products. More than 46,000 farms spread across 8.4 million acres of land in the state, with average farm size ringing in at 182 acres. The state ranks No. 1 in the nation in farm cash receipts for tobacco and sweet potatoes, No. 2 for poultry and eggs, and No. 3 for fresh-market cucumbers and strawberries. Along with these commodities, North Carolina’s hardworking farmers produce cotton, soybeans, peanuts, hogs, nursery products, aquaculture products and more.

But North Carolina agriculture is more than just commodities. Agritourism, agricultural exports, healthy eating incentives and research are just a few of the other aspects of the state’s industry. Agriculture is important for North Carolina’s economy as well, and in 2017, the state’s farm cash receipts totaled $11 billion.

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