Mississippi Agriculture 2020

In partnership with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce

Mississippi’s hardworking farm families live up to the state’s nickname by feeding the world. Whether impacting the state’s economy by raising its top commodity – broilers – or working with local schools to incorporate fresh produce into students’ lunches, the Hospitality State’s farmers are providing food for families not only in Mississippi but across the nation and the globe.

Mississippi agriculture, representing $7.72 billion, is the top industry in the state, directly and indirectly employing approximately 29% of the workforce. More than 34,000 farms cover approximately 10.4 million acres of farmland, plus Mississippi boasts 19.7 million acres of forestland, 14,000 miles of streams, and 640,000 acres of ponds and lakes.

From poultry and beef to sweet potatoes, peanuts and grain sorghum, Mississippi farmers grow and raise a variety of commodities. The state’s producers are committed to more than just crops. They are focused on growing safe and affordable foods. Understanding the importance of environmental care through soil conservation, irrigation practices and more, while raising the state’s food in the most sustainable way possible, helps them accomplish this goal.

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