Colorado Agriculture 2020

In partnership with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

When you think of Colorado, outdoor adventure and the Rocky Mountains usually spring to mind. However, nearly half of the state’s 66 million acres are dedicated just to farms and ranches. Home to towering mountains and flat plains, soils in Colorado’s eastern regions and valley of the western mountains are some of the most fertile in the nation.?

It’s no wonder that the agricultural sector contributes more than $41 billion to the state’s economy each year and provides nearly 173,000. Some of the state’s most prominent agricultural commodities include cattle and calves, hay, wheat, field corn, hogs, and dairy products and milk, to name a few. As diverse in commodities as in geography, state producers also raise bison, ostriches and emu, and grow sunflowers, grapes, mushrooms and more.

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Read the Cultivating Colorado 2020 Magazine

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